Smoothie Recipes| Papaya Kiwi Smoothie

Loaded with vitamins and minerals! Papayas & kiwis are great for weight loss, improving digestive system, lowering cholesterol, boosting immune system, easing menstrual pain, improving eye sight, and anti-aging. This smoothie taste amazing and is great for overall health and wellness. Ingredients 2 cups frozen papaya 1 cup frozen sliced kiwis 2 1/2 cups apple…… Continue reading Smoothie Recipes| Papaya Kiwi Smoothie

Nutrition Education|Acai Berries

When it comes to nutrition and living a healthy lifestyle, you will often hear about acai berries. Acai Berries are typically consumed in smoothies and supplements. Are acai berries good for us? Today we are sharing some things you should know about this famous fruit. Nutritional Benefits of Acai Berries Acai berry is a native…… Continue reading Nutrition Education|Acai Berries

Top 7 Weight Loss Ingredients To Boost Your Smoothies

Some of you might be thinking, “It will take up too much of my time” or “it won’t fill me up.” Well, I’m here to tell you that you are wrong!” Many of us don’t have the time to eat healthy foods consistently let alone cook them as we are always on the go. But…… Continue reading Top 7 Weight Loss Ingredients To Boost Your Smoothies