Smoothie Recipes|Citrus Smoothie

Very refreshing smoothie loaded with over 150 mg of vitamin C per serving. These 3 simple ingredients can easily be prepared and frozen in advance. With the upcoming seasonal temperatures changing, give your immune system the boost it deserves. Ingredients 1 cup frozen pineapples 1 cup frozen mangos 12 oz 100% orange juice Directions Place…… Continue reading Smoothie Recipes|Citrus Smoothie

Smoothie Recipes|4 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies

A healthy breakfast can keep you active and fresh all day long. But these days, people don’t get enough time to prepare a nutrient-enriched meal in the morning. Smoothies are like a blessing for all those individuals who want to consume a healthy breakfast, but don’t have sufficient time to make it. A smoothie is…… Continue reading Smoothie Recipes|4 Healthy Breakfast Smoothies

Smoothie Recipes|Berry Green Smoothie

If you are busy as much as we are, then simple homemade smoothies are the way to go sometimes. This tasty refreshing nutrient rich recipe is so easy to prep and freeze for later use. This recipe is also easy to remember because all of the ingredients are 1/2 cup each. Here is the Finest…… Continue reading Smoothie Recipes|Berry Green Smoothie

Smoothie Recipes| Banana Orange Smoothie

Sometimes it can be difficult to prepare breakfast while on the go. Sometimes you just don’t feel like pulling over to a restaurant and waiting in line either. Breakfast is an important meal of the day and should not be neglected or forgotten. That’s why we’ve created an easy and high nutrient smoothie to make…… Continue reading Smoothie Recipes| Banana Orange Smoothie