Nutrition Education|The Difference Between Smoothies And Shakes

The difference between smoothies and shakes

Smoothies and shakes are very much similar when seen but when it comes to taste and texture there are some major differences between the two. These differences can be between their flavors, ingredients, or thickness.

A smoothie is not a milkshake but has a shake like consistency whereas the shake also known as milkshake is a type of dessert or sweet treat. The thick blended smoothie is made up from blended fruits or vegetables. Different grains or oatmeal may be added to increase the thickness of the beverage. The pulp of the fruit or vegetable in smoothies make it heavy in texture. Usually shakes are smooth in texture more than smoothies and consist of dairy ingredients like cream or milk. Different flavors may be added from syrups or protein powder to enhance the taste.

Most shakes get their flavor merely from different ice creams. Both smoothies and shakes are healthy drinks to consume. However, a smoothie is better for pre-workout while a shake is a primary drink for post-workout.


These two drinks have variable flavors. The common flavors available in smoothies are strawberry, kiwi, mango, pineapple and green vegetables while the flavors available in shakes are vanilla, chocolate, peanut-butter, caramel or even bananas.


There is a wide difference between the bases of a creamy shake and a smoothie. The shake gives you a creamier texture with a base containing often milk or yogurt. While the refreshing smoothie mostly consist of a watery base such as juice.


If you really like the creamy and smooth texture then a shake is the best option for you. However, those who like to have a burst of fruit pulp in their mouth should go for a smoothie. The healthy ingredients of the shake consist of cream and milk which makes it creamy in texture. Whereas the smoothie made up from frozen fruit or vegetable gives it a much thicker and pulpy texture.

Protein content

If you are talking about the protein part then shakes are the best so far. As smoothies may or may not contain protein at all. Sometimes smoothies contain a bit of seeds or nut butter to increase the protein content in it. However, shakes are rich in protein content as the protein powder is added in it to get a more milky texture. Shakes are the alternate source to your meal which makes you feel full and one consumes all the required calories.


Smoothies are considered as much healthier than shakes as it contains high ratio of carbohydrates and low fat content. Theses smoothies are made from the real fruits and vegetables and have zero fat unless a fat ingredient like peanut butter is added in it.
On the other hand milkshakes contains a large amount of saturated fat and is rich in calories than smoothies. There is a high amount of sugar and fat in shakes yet it has a good amount of calcium and proteins that you need.


Smoothies and Shakes are very similar and they both can benefit your health. The most important key note is to pay attention to the ingredients in both because you should always know what you’re consuming.

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