How To Gain Weight With Smoothies

How to gain weight with smoothies

If your goal is to gain weight then drinking smoothies is one of the best ways to build up your muscles and gain body mass. It is a delicious way to get the daily essentials your body need by adding healthy nutrients in it. Anyone can gain weight in a healthy way through smoothies by using proper nutritious ingredients in it.

Here are some ingredients that are dense in calories that you can add to make a healthy delicious smoothie.

  • Fruits – banana, mango and vegetable i.e. avocado
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Protein powder
  • Milk or yogurt

Drinking smoothies as a daily routine is perfect for consuming the right calories and making your body healthy.

There are several ingredients that will boost up your energy as well as weight by adding them into a smoothie. Here is a break down of 4 ingredients.


Avocado is best for adding a creamy texture to your smoothie. It comes with many benefits and is good for your heart. It is composed of unsaturated fats and a proper amount in your smoothie gives you lots of benefits.


Blending nuts into your smoothie adds up the healthy fats and calories. Nuts are rich in carbohydrates which are the main source of energy for your muscles and help you to gain weight. You can also use peanut butter when making a homemade smoothie.


Seeds like hemp, flax and chia are a great source of protein and calories for your body. These are rich in fiber and provide the best results for energy and weight gaining.


Oats are the calorie-rich substance which can be used in a smoothie to give you a high number of calories and more proteins than any other whole grains. It is highly composed of fiber and fatty acids which are a main source of energy for the body.

There are many recipes for making smoothies to gain weight. You can add your favorite ingredients and enjoy the smoothie along with regaining your health. Here are 2 awesome weight gaining smoothie recipes.

Chocolate peanut butter smoothie

This is a very popular smoothie and is highly rich in protein and calories. For making this tasty smoothie all you need is one cup of nut milk. Add ½ avocado if available with 3 tsp. of peanut butter. Now add 1 tsp. of coco powder and ¼ tsp of cinnamon. If you want to add more protein you can add protein powder in it. Blend all the ingredients and serve the delicious smoothie in a cup.

Oat protein smoothie

Another most popular smoothie is the oat protein smoothie. It is highly composed of protein with the combination of banana and yogurt in it, which gives a perfect creamy taste to it. Take 2 cups of whole milk and add 1 ½ cups oatmeal in it. Now add 1 cup of Greek yogurt with 2 tsp. of almond butter. Add 1 tsp. of coconut oil and a banana into the mixture. Add 2 scoops of protein powder if necessary and blend it. The delightful smoothie is ready to be served.

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