Create The Best Smoothies With These 12 Tips

Who does not like a fresh smoothie? No one, because everybody loves it. Smoothies are now considered as the healthy beverage of choice and they can be a real treat year round. People from all around drink them and they are really nutritious for the body when they are made with the right ingredients. These smoothies are like a power bank when made with the right ingredients. You can use both the vegetables and the fruits as per your healthy choice. If you don’t use the right nutritious ingredients this can go totally wrong and can start adding fats to your waistline which is basically unhealthy. Here we have some tips on how to create the best nutritious healthy smoothies for you. Let’s have a look:

1.) Make your Smoothie Yourself: The best way to create a nutritious healthy smoothie is to make it yourself. Nothing is safer, healthier, tastier, and fresh than your own homemade smoothie. You know what you need and how much you want it so, make it yourself, add the ingredients that are needed for keeping the healthy lifestyle and do not add excessive ingredients just to make it look good. Avoid buying smoothies from grocery stores or cafes as they all contain tons of sugar, fats, and sometime other excessive syrups which can really damage the idea of having a nutritious healthy smoothie.

2.) Make it Thicker: When you make your own smoothie you have a choice to make it thick or thin but the healthier way is to make it thicker. It is said that people who drink thicker smoothies feel fuller with their appetite other than those who had thinner versions of a smoothie. The calorie count is the same most of the time but to make your smoothie thicker, you can use more ice. Also, try to drink it fresh because it has freshly blended ingredients which make it thick and the flavor is better.

3.) Use Nonfat Dairy Products: We love to drink milky creamy smoothie but they are not as healthy as we think them to be. The ice cream and full yogurt smoothies are good for taste but if you are an adult and trying to get in shape then you should try nonfat yogurt or cottage cheese in your smoothie. This will give you the rich amount of protein which is totally healthy.

4.) Add Healthy Fats: Not all fats are bad for your health. Some of them are important and that covers the unsaturated fats which are present in avocado, hemp oil, coconut, and in nut butter. While making smoothies, you can add a slice of avocado or a tablespoon of nut butter. It will make the taste good and keep you full for longer periods of time. Make sure you don’t add too much.

5.) Use Whole Fruits in your Smoothies: If you use fruit juices to make your smoothie, then you are missing very important fibers which are essential for your health. Always use whole fruits like bananas, strawberries, apples, apricots, mangoes, plums, cherries, and peaches in your smoothie. Try to use the frozen fruits as they make thicker a smoothie which is good. In case, the fruits are not frozen then you can use ice. The fiber in fruits takes longer time to digest so it eventually results in less appetite.

6.) You can Add Vegetables too: We know people do not really like the green vegetable smoothie but experts have concluded that the kale and spinach smoothies are very nutritious for those who are up for detoxifying their bodies. On a lighter note, the kale and spinach smoothie does taste neutral after proper blending so, it is not a big deal to add a small amount of spinach or kale in your daily smoothie.

7.) Change up the Ingredients: No one can drink the same smoothie forever and changing up the ingredients will cheer your mood in a positive way. It will keep you from smoothie boredom and will keep the interest in drinking healthy smoothies a on daily basis. You can change your smoothie ingredients by choosing seasonal fruits and vegetables. It will provide you more healthy nutrients from different fruits and vegetables.

8.) Try Organic Foods: People have shifted from regular to organic food because of its healthy qualities. We recommend you to buy organic food for your smoothies because it tastes better and good for both health and environment.

9.) Add Omega 3 fatty acids to your Smoothies: The perk of making your own smoothies is that you can add whatever you think is healthy for yourself. So while you are making a healthy nutritious smoothie, we suggest you to add items that contain omega 3 fatty acids. Usually people add flaxseed or walnuts as it easily blends in with the other ingredients of smoothies. The omega 3 fatty acids fights inflammation in the stomach and provide fiber too.

10.) Use Other Options instead of Sugar: Honestly, if your smoothie does not taste good there is no way one can drink it easily even if it is healthy. If you are quitting on sugar, it does not mean that you drink tasteless smoothies. You can add dates, honey, vanilla extract, maple syrup, cocoa powder, coconut milk, coconut water, or cinnamon in your smoothies. All of these options taste good and provide healthy nutrition. To get the most of the dates, remove their pits and soak them in water overnight and then blend. It will surely taste good.

11.) Add Salts & Spices in your Smoothie: It is okay to change the course of your smoothie once in a while and get salty or spicy. You can add mineral salt in your smoothie for a change. Himalayan Pink Salt, Redmond Salt, and Celtic Salt are some of the important salts which have different minerals and nutrients. These are healthy options for a change and enhance the flavor too. On the other hand, spices like cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and ginger can be used to experience a different flavor.

12.) Add Herbs: You can use Chinese herbs to enhance the nutrition of your smoothie. There are powdered herbs like Astragalus, Ginseng, and Rhodiola available in the market that can be added for their medicinal properties.

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